power of God
by the crucified

words: mark salomon
music: greg minier, jeff bellew, jim chaffin

on the day i first opened my eyes to this life
and looked out from my shelter of youth
when i took my first steps in this world that was waiting
i was shocked by the sickening truth
that moment of weakness
split-second of fear
was all that i needed allow
the beasts that lay waiting
they struck and devoured
my body was left for the vultures that found it

let me tell you about the power of God
and the impotence of fallen man
the Saviour of all
yes, the Shelter of souls
the one who is called, "I AM"
of the wicked - enslaved by the chains they made
slaves to their own desires
those who would scorn the children reborn
who have started to believe their own lies

before you speak
or even open your mouth
you better know what you're talking about
before you even deny the God who saved my life
know the power of God
is alive

so who will speak?
and who will challenge Abba Father, Yahweh
mighty God
your "strong" - your "elite"?
your ones set on high?
in my darkest hour they were nowhere to be found
you would swear by their speeches, their reaching - grasping
believing - their "teaching"
mortal men, so many come and gone
we all die one day
but my Lord was raised, yes:
the power of God

who is man, that God does take notice of him? (psalm 8:4)
every knee shall bow
and every tongue confess:
Christ is Lord of all
creation accepts or creation rejects - and those who reject
must fall
the perfect justice, eternal truth
all others only die in vain
you're gone as quick as you came
but God remains
all bow to the power of God