by the crucified

sit at school - waste your time
you think that it's ok,
hit by a car - suicide
it happens every day,
fellowhsip sweet fellowship
you keep it to yourself,
slashing wrists - crying out,
people go to hell

    you don't care, you
    say the blind can see,
    you don't care, i call
    that christian apathy
    they need the life that
    only you can give,
    through the blood of
    Jesus Christ - eternal
    life in him (his gift)

Jesus Christ is telling you
to reach out to all men,
the end is near, he's
coming back so harvest
while you can,
scared to start a brand
new life, you don't think
it's cool,
the world's your friend,
God is not, man don't
be a fool!


(wayne stonecipher)