this howl
by the crucified

i've been here for
a million years
it's only been
the twinkling of an eye
this dark, this pain
it's so unbearing
fire consumes
the tears i cry

i never thought
of pain so drawn out
screams and gnashing
all surround me
over and over
i keep remembering
i must bear this
through eternity

this howl -
    i can't turn away
this howl -
    keeps droning through my mind
this howl -
    consumes my every thought and emotion
this howl -
    keeps droning on through time

i cannot bear
this isolation
where have all
of my friends gone?
this supposed to be
the best time of my life
my fate has shown me
i was wrong...

i hear his voice every second in time,
    "depart from me you accursed one
            & nbsp;   i never knew you"

Jesus, please forgive me
i'm ready to accept you now
but how i know
you will not hear me
i had my chance
i turned it down


(repeat words after first chorus)

(marc cooksey)