the insult circus
by the crucified

words: mark salomon
music: greg minier and jim chaffin
running time: 2:50

from the very moment i
heard your deceit and
subtle lies, from the moment you shocked
me silent i burned to question: why?
why? why do you insist, you persist in
blasphemy of my Lord and God? take
your opinions and empty accusations
    and rot.
your world is so perverted. nausea
grips my stomach...i think i'm gonna
vomit. and to think i once took part in
the narrowmindedness of a hardened

why the insults to my Lord?
there is no point without support.
blaming God for faults of men
you don't even understand.
some feeble point or shock effect
who do you benefit?
you profit off another's pain
and bite the hand that seeks to aid
motive: ego...knowledge: who knows?
solution: zero...your goal: oh so vague.

and the band "millions of dead"- whoever
you are mumbling and grumbling about
today, your music's fast and you're outspoken
but you have little or nothing to say.
and the boys from south of heaven
who knock t.v. preachers with every
other word you come off so
concerned and charge $20+ for a
t-shirt. hypocrisy your breath holds.
deception reeks thick and bold.
you don't care about anyone but
yourself. you couldn't care less if
i rot in hell.
    me or anyone else.

and the band named after the cow
disease, so proud if you're without
sin then go ahead - cast your two
cents in and half the bands in the
berkley mag on the bandwagon of
the insult circus, of all the wrongs
you slag the rights and lose us
to your purpose. if you're so wise then
solve my troubles. instead
you ask more (and more, and more, and...)
needless questions and my troubles
double. give us something we can
use. you serve only to confuse.

this song is meant to refer directly
to those who speak of God
though they know so little of him.