a guy in a suit and the pope
by the crucified

words: mark salomon and jim chaffin
music: greg minier
running time: 1:42

mr preacher on the t.v. screen
tells me that he knows just what i need
he's "been there before...and back again"
but with that fancy suit i find it hard to believe
he says the Lord will be so faithful, that he'll protect
but only if i'm faithful with my monthly check
i've never sent him my money
probably never will
(oooo!) i guess that means i live
my life on the edge!?!!??

preacher (pope john 2nd chorus)
your time will come
you lead the church astray
for a steady income
you can bet
God won't forget
but if you'd like
i'd (gladly!) tie a millstone
around your neck (matt. 18:6)

his nothingness on a simple throne
(Christ mediates for God, and Christ alone!)
just another man in a ridiculous hat
held accountable for the seeds he's sown
cancel the tours and the material things;
the people bowing to you and kissing your rings
guide them only to their knees
seeking forgiveness today
cast no doubt as to what they need.