one demon to another
by the crucified

words: mark salomon
music: greg minier and jim chaffin
running time: 3:10

"silence!" said the demon to the
other as they circled, "the young boy is
trying to think. the final thoughts course
through his mind even now as we speak."
"no!" the other cried, "i want him now, let's
pick this fruit while it's ripe!"
they faced each other and smiled. "let's
wait a little while, he's ours, let's
take our time."

donald felt a chill crawling up
and down his spine, like a once warm
vein gone cold. he could feel an
icy breeze, but no wind was
shaking the trees, from where the
breeze came donald did not know. so
he tried to shake the cold, thinking back
an hour ago to a decision he had
made: there would be no Christ in his
precious little life. this decision
he would take beyond his grave

the world went black, donald
couldn't breath and his face turned
a sickening blue. grasping for sight he
saw something in the night and around
him two images flew. slowly gettting
clearer he could see them getting
nearer donald screaming as they spat
in his face:
"welcome to hell
we'll be with you shortly
for now, the abiding place..."

there is more to the story, but
really don't you worry, donald's
fate is surely sealed. he chose
to stand alone, to stand upon his
own, but now the truth he'll find
too real. you see we all have to
choose, you follow God, or follow
you. donald chose to chase his
pleasures from the start. to ride
atop the world, no help, no God, just
him, but the ride was cut short
by a speeding car...
anyone else want a ride?