the strength
by the crucified

music by bellew, minier, chaffin
words by salomon

in these remaining days, let us not be tangled in
mankind's celebration of itself,
rather, let us live as children of God.
for what fellowship hath light and darkness,
good with evil?
shall grace be as pearls to swine,
or held higher than gold?

let them know the difference.

keep your signs - hold your banners yourself
send no "latest cause" this way
need no factions, political distractions
keep them out of my face
spare the fashion codes and social pars
and the vanity of it all
to subscribe would be to sell-out
and to set up for a fall

can't you see the road you travel down
leads swiftly to your end
sold as slaves for a place to hide
a temporary defense.

then he'll come, all will be lost
you'll be swept with the tide, your shelter of clay
he's calling, protection is here
your grip will not hold when your world's laid to waste
Lord, grant me the strength, to follow your path
to not go astray i, alone in myself
i'm feeling the pull, Lord, grant me the strength

once again breathing down my neck
the smell of the generous leach
the liberating hypocrite
come to save, to teach, to preach
to save me from my slavery

from a God who doesn't know what's best
look - keep your rebellion to yourself
you don't know me, my God, or the life i live

not a patriot, revolutionist
not a left or right wing voice
don't need a liberal or conservative
to tell me about freedom of choice
my freedom comes from God above
forgiveness beyond comprehension
stregth not found in earthly powers
the only true deliverance