fellowship of thieves
by the crucified

music by minier, bellew, chaffin
words by salomon

in this time of need
this time of peril
this time when the helpless seek
when so many search for some light of hope
and they begin to consider this God of whom they've been told
the wolves come out to play
to deceive
and turn men's hearts away
under guise of sheep with such beautiful smiles
they appear to be of God, yet all the wile they...

lead them straight to hell

don't touch me...
you've got blood on your hands

time will come, you will see
you're over

playing on their need
the need to live

to live pure and free
you mix a little lies with a lot of truth
you bait their trust and then they follow you
you get them believing and following lies
then they see your deceit all in the name of Christ
they look into my eyes...they can't understand

when they hear you call me "brother" and see you shake my hand

curse his name 'cause of you...

stealing their hope for peace
a fellowship of thieves
hands dipped in the blood of children
exposed while seeking peace
a fellowship of thieves
causing more destruction than those
who don't claim to believe
this fellowship of thieves
watch for the wolves, be wary
that you are not deceived