it's all about fear
by the crucified

music by bellew, minier
words by salomon

look at you shake...
i see it on your face...
why are you so afraid...?

looking down from above for much too long
on the masses you're here to serve
established as such but never as much as
the voice of the people's word
decisions of war and who needs thinking for
it's a kiss-up to the 1% and dismissal of the poor
you don't even live by the laws you give
and your welcome here is wearing thin

our fear...
palms to the sky that wait to be filled
raised in surrender under the breaking of wills
deserted, diverted, left to rot and to die
you've used us, abused us, all your promises - lies

from the history books and the twisted schools
we've been taught to question you was betrayal
and that you would never think of us as beneath
you, that to challenge you would mean to fail
but hope we've received through God and we believe
he remembers the afflicted, his justice will be seen
though so many have yet to receive his light
soon they will know the message of Christ

your fear...
a stirring within us has opened our eyes
surely God above breathes the breath of new life
though you'd rather we looked to the strength of ourselves
God will be our source of power, and the world we will tell

your fear...
is our hope