your image
by the crucified


the blind are dead, they don't see
they don't listen to reality.
they walk in shadows, which blind
their sight and they live in darkness,
without any light. you laugh
at us, spit at us and call us names.
but when Jesus came to earth he
suffered the same. the bible says
we should be crucified with Christ
and in the end we'll get our gift:
eternal life.

    when you wake up in hell
    ask yourself
    was your image worth it?
    are you proud of yourself?
    you had a chance to receive
    to be a believer
    but you turned your back on God
    to be a crowd pleaser

walk around like you're so secure
but when it all comes down it's
just a stupid trip. you've got to
keep that image, you've got to
fit in so you keep up your image,
your image of sin. can't you see
what i'm saying to you? Jesus Christ
has taken me and made me new.
i no longer have shadows which
blind my sight, no more living in
the dark and i walk in the light.


no ones proud of you now!