death to death
by the crucified


there is blood on the street
and tears in their eyes
and life moves so fast
until you's gone
the world is a corpse
it hardens with time
and so harden the hearts
as they draw to the line
the fear that you feel
shows white on your face
though you mock death with words
you wonder is there a place...
where darkness there dwells
in the black pits of hell
is there truly the desolate place
the gnashing of teeth
the screaming beneath
stillness of pain, time, and space
where pain is your king
there are no living things
merely you and the fire you chose
hope has gone past
realization at last
this fate you chose as your own

    death - drop your pride and fear
to death - no hiding here
    death - Christ made a way
to death - before it's too late
    death to death

now you can have right now you
must have
faith in God and Son
you have failed all hopes you have
can't you see the war has been won
no matter what you've done
he's the forgiving one place it at his feet
he'll take you in his arms
forever in his arms
this is your chance to receive