the crucified originally formed in 1984 as kgb (kids in God's blessings) with wayne stonecifer on vocals and practicing out of jim chaffin's garage. they hadn't played a show before wayne quit and they got mark salomon for lead screamer. one demo was recorded in 1985 under the kgb name and in 1986, most of them in their mid-teens, they changed their name to "the crucified" and recorded take up your cross. two more demos and two full length albums followed. when i saw them in 1992 they played songs from the upcoming 3rd record... unfortunately for the rest of the planet, that record was never made.

around mid 1993 the crucified disbanded. apparently their individual relationships
with God were suffering and the band was becoming more important to them than the Lord, the Reason for it's existence in the first place. although they were still disbanded, they did play a few final shows in 1995 - the last one being on friday, 30 june, at cornerstone. according to the heaven's metal (now hm magazine) review:

"the most impressive thing about the crucified's set was the determination to simply glorify God with the set and simply say "thank you" and "goodbye" to the fans. it was clear that this was not the start of a new beginning, but a way of putting a final chapter to a great band...the concert ended by everyone worshiping to the song "awesome God" was a special moment...after this was over the audience was screaming for more tunes and the band simply announced, 'we ain't got no more!'."