vile hypocrisy (remix)
by believer

lead vocalist kurt bachman recently said, "we're always watching our perspective on why we're doing what we're doing". as the group approaches montrous new heights with their cur- rent album "sanity obscure", believer fans still sit around and boast of the day they first heard the progressive thrash qurtet's first project "extraction from mortality", which was released in late 1989. always remembering where they came from, believer digs deep into the trenches of christian 'life after death' core metal that easily catupults them into the artistic league of slayer, destruction and kreator. you'll immediately notice a few bizarre twists to this version of "vile hypocrisy"...the three second backward vocal...and the comedic horseplay between pro- ducer doug mann and bachman as they try to find the right studio formula. note the bands ability to stop on a dime, mid- chorus, without losing one beat of the mental click-track. that's what progressive...classical...and thrash is all about. now turn it up and open your neighbor's window...before he does it for you.

obeying worthless idols
the prophets prophesied
manifesting omens
delusions of their minds
claiming total wisdom
knowledge from above
ordained not from the Father
ignorance of love.

woe to you o'teachers
instructors of the law
you who play religion
impelling men to fall
legalistic actions
neglecting man's distress
outer shells of virtue
inner wickedness.

you blind the eyes that seek to see
deceive humanity
denying God by deed
yet claiming intimacy.

drawing lambs to slaughter
victims of deceit
unaware they follow
minds becoming weak
vile hypocrisy
method of defense
for rejection of Christ
eternal consequence
heed the written warnings
of deceptive lies
neglect deceitful guidance
apostasy defy
there is nothing concealed
that won't be made known
sifting inner motives
judgement for what's shown.

written by k. bachman / j. daub / d. baddorf / h. kraft
produced by doug mann
remixed from the album "extraction from mortality"