vile hypocrisy
by believer

k. bachman, j. daub, d. baddorf, h. kraft

obeying worthless idols, the prophets prophesied.
manifesting omens, delusions of their minds,
claiming total wisdom, knowledge from above.
ordained not from the father, ignorance of love.

woe to you o'teachers, instructors of the law.
you who play religion, impelling men to fall.
legalistic actions, neglecting man's distress.
outer shells of virtue, inner wickedness.

"you blind the eyes that seek to see, deceiveing humanity.
denying God by deeds, yet claiming intimacy."

drawing lambs to slaughter, victims of deceit,
unaware they follow, minds becoming weak.
vile hypocrisy, method of defense.
for rejection of Christ, eternal consequence.

heed the written warnings, of deceptive lies.
neglect deceitful guidance, apostasy defy.
there is nothing concealed, that won't be made known.
sifting inner motives, judgement for what's shown.


matthew 7:15,13:22, 23:28, mark 13:22, titus 1:16,
jeremiah 2:8, 5:31, 14:14