- 22 april 2017 -

The Sexiest Man Alive

in a video by Prager U, which comes to a quite different conclusion than the (at least vocal) norms of society come to, on youtube titled "The Sexiest Man Alive", this quote was near the end:
Consider this: If all the slackers in the world disappeared tomorrow, the video game industry would collapse, but if all the Ward Cleavers of the world disappeared tomorrow, civilization would collapse.

- prager U -
source: https://youtu.be/-ldVYSeBTqE?t=4m10s

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- 16 april 2017 -

hilarity on the tourniquet ark

about a month ago there was a thread on The Christian Metal Realm that included some hilarious posts by a user named "bodachi". the entire thread is here: http://thecmr.forumotion.com/t10094-tourniquet-ark. the parts of the thread that are the point of this post are below...

a little context so this makes any sense:

here are the lyrics for a song Ted wrote which is mentioned in the thread:

If I Had To Do The Killing
by Ted Kirkpatrick

In windowless sheds
They live in misery
Victims of systematic cruelty

Never know a gentle touch
Never know a kind word
Nameless, faceless, voiceless
Soon to be in pieces

If I had to do the killing
Would it change what's on my plate
Could I look at you face to face
And take your life away

Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to see this
Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to hear this
Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to see this
Dont show me, don't tell me
I donít want to hear this

Let your heart feel their state
Yours is the power to change their fate
Let your heart feel their state

With that background in mind, I give you the first post by user "bodachi":

Re: Tourniquet Ark
Postby bodachi Today at 18:34

If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

I had to slaughter our roosters the other day. I wore my Tourniquet hat and hummed "If I Had To Do the Killing" while I did it..

...a response to this was:

Re: Tourniquet Ark
Post by My Awesome Timothy on Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 9:17

Murderer!!! Crying or Very sad That's what my kids tell me, they are veggies!!! Only kidding...... I personally don't know how anyone can kill an animal..... I could not do it apart from fishing that's it. So the majority of the time I am vegetarian to. Haven't touched red meat for years. Is disgraceful the way some animals are killed, IMO if you do eat meat research should be done to make sure the animals are humanely killed. Some videos I've seen on the web are completely heartbreaking. Sad

...to which "bodachi" responed:

Re: Tourniquet Ark
by bodachi on Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 19:06

I put them in the garage with the truck running.

Sometimes I feed them than make them go swimming before waiting 30 minutes.

If I'm feeling particularly lazy I lock them in the coop with an Obama autobiography audiobook, a bottle of whiskey and a noose.

Usually (seriously) I decapitate them with one quick swing of my Cold Steel Tactical Katana Machete:

Quick and painless.

After a last cigarette, of course.

...and "bodachi" put the icing on the cake:

Re: Tourniquet Ark
by bodachi on Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 19:09

^I always ask the condemned rooster if I can call him a priest, but end up calling them a friar.

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