- 7 march 2016 -


a post by a random user @ the new american at the bottom of an article. seems pretty spot on to me...
People who have this maniacal desire to control people through "tests" and rules and regulations are the most unstable and dangerous elements of society.

Criminals want to control you simply for the moment to enable them to satisfy their physical needs. They are driven by greed and envy.

Politicians and social do-gooders are driven by the need to be in complete control of EVERYTHING! Their needs are not physical and can never be satisfied. They are indeed mentally (and spiritually) ill.

Criminals can be discouraged, deterred or detained. There is no stopping a social control freak. This makes politicians more dangerous than common criminals.

- user Frank N Stein -
source: http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/...

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- 31 march 2016 -

totally out of context

in a story about a bed and breakfast, run by Christians, being fined for refusing to host a gay wedding, Michael Allen wrote a comment in response to a statement issued by the owner of the bed and breakfast, Jim Walder. here is the statement, in part, by Walder:
"To be absolutely clear, we cannot host a same-sex wedding even though fines and penalties have been imposed by the Illinois Human Rights Commission. Our policy will not be changing.

"We are not looking for a fight, but when immoral laws are purposely passed (or deemed constitutional) that blatantly conflict with Godís Word and when the heavy hand of government tries to force us as Christians to embrace sinful behavior, we have a moral obligation to resist and stand for Biblical truth. 'It is better to obey God than men.' -- Acts 5:29."

- Michael Allen -
source: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/religion/...

here is the comment by Allen, in response to Walder's statement:
Acts 5:29 does not mention discriminating against gay people in business or embracing sinful behavior, but rather quotes Peter and the other apostles who told some high priests -- not the government -- that they would not stop preaching about Jesus.

- Michael Allen -
source: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/religion/...

contrary to Mr Allen's comment, the point is that we are to obey God rather than men, in government or otherwise. and yes, up to and including "discrimnation".

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