- 26 june 2015 -

America Is Done

not only is america dying in that the federal government is ILLEGALLY telling the individual states how to run themselves, but now we have given widespread public approval to the sin of homosexuality via a supreme court decision in favor of "gay marriage".

the wrath of God cannot be far behind...

here is an absolutely asinine statement from one of the supporting justices:

"No union is more profound than marriage," Kennedy wrote, joined by the court's four more liberal justices.

The stories of the people asking for the right to marry "reveal that they seek not to denigrate marriage but rather to live their lives, or honor their spouses' memory, joined by its bond," Kennedy said.

- Mark Sherman, AP -
source: http://www.komonews.com/...

and yet the dissenting justices seem to get it:
The four dissenting justices each filed a separate opinion explaining his views, but they all agreed that states and their voters should have been left with the power to decide who can marry.

"This court is not a legislature. Whether same-sex marriage is a good idea should be of no concern to us," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in dissent. Roberts read a summary of his dissent from the bench, the first time he has done so in nearly 10 years as chief justice.

"If you are among the many Americans - of whatever sexual orientation - who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today's decision," Roberts said. "But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it."

Justice Antonin Scalia said he was not concerned so much about same-sex marriage but about "this court's threat to American democracy." Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas also dissented.

- Mark Sherman, AP -
source: http://www.komonews.com/...

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- 6 june 2015 -

Bumper Cars

date/time: 6-jun-2015 @ approximately 15:40
location: I-5 northbound just past 41st street overpass

I momentarily looked down at my stereo and as I looked up realized I was closing in fast on a black late model Volvo sedan. I applied the brakes hard, resulting in them locking up, tires squealing. As soon as the squealing started I realized I was not going to stop in time. I braced for impact. When it happened it was very surreal. It was not neck snapping or anything, I would call it a heavy bump. The Volvo immediately put on the left turn signal and started moving left. I assumed she would want to pull over and trade information. As she started moving over into the fast lane there was a car approaching behind her. That driver had to apply heavy brake and steer left, a few feet onto the shoulder, and barely missed plowing the Volvo.

Still asuuming she wanted to trade information, I kept following her, but it became apparent she wasn't pulling over. I followed for a little over a mile. During this time she kep turning around, while driving, holding up what appeared to be a phone. I assumed she was trying to take a picture of my car/license plate. She probably did this at least 7 times. I kept wondering, "Do you want to pull over?" At some point I noticed the car had a temporary license plate. I thought "Great, it's a brand new car!" Eventally cars got between us and I lost track of her. Just before the Marine View Drive exit I saw her pulling over to the left side of I-5. I pulled in behind her as she was getting out of the car. She saw me stopping and, it appeared that she was surprised to see me there.

She immediately went to looking at the back of her car assessing for damage. I got out of the car and asked her "Are you OK?" It was like she didn't hear me. She just kept looking so, I looked figured I would look too. We both looked at the car for about a 30 seconds and I could see no obvious damage. I asked again if she was OK and this time she looked at me, long pause, "Uh, yeah". She then asked me if I had insurance. I said yes and went to get my card. She came up to me and said "Is that it? Just let me take a picture of it." She did. Then she said "(unintelligable) paint job (unintelligable) so you don't get in trouble." I apologized and she immediately went back to her car and took off.

At some point, while we were on the side of I-5 she said "I just bought this car." I replied that I had noticed that, trying to let her know that I was sorry about it but it seemed to trail off and there was no response. The noise of the traffic was also quite loud making it hard to hear. We asked each other to repeat something at least a couple times.

She never seemed angry or anything, just in a big hurry. I didn't think to ask her if SHE had insurance and later I wondered if she didn't, or maybe something untoward was going on, and that might have something to do with "so you don't get in trouble"...

It seemed the whole time that she didn't want to pull over. While I get it, who wants to pull over because they got hit, it seemed like she had an above average desire not to pull over, especially in the situation.

The whole incident was quite surreal and unfortuntely I didn't get her insurance information and I didn't think to memorize her license plate until later. Just out of the ordinary, I guess, and I'm no fast thinker in that kind of situation.

I didn't bother looking at my car until I got home. The only obvious damage was the top of the license plate holder 4/5 of the way across, from right to left, had a tapering rounded edge to it instead of a sharp 90-degree corner edge as the left 1/5 still does. Also, you can see the slightest impression of the top edge and the corners of the license plate holder in the tape striping behind it.

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