- 18 january 2014 -

acting the part

posted by Silverhawk5 on www.seahawks.net:
Die hard hawk fan for 30 years (I'm 35). I rarely if ever miss games. I had my hand forced into attending a season opener Chargers game with a bunch of guys who are big bears fans. 1pm game, same as the Hawks. Chargers vs Bears, Hawks were in Tampa. I nervously sat through the first quarter watching the scoreboard for updates. Chargers faithful start in on the guys I'm with, talking smack. At this point I'm irritated that I'm in a second rate stadium, watching a second rate team, listening to second rate fans talk second rate smack but mostly I was pissed that I was missing the Seahawks game.

2nd quarter rolls around, we've got a couple of real pieces of work around us that seem to be having more fun antagonizing bears fans than watching the game. Then it dawns on me, if I get these guys backs, I might get a ticket out of here and can be bellied up to the bar watching the seahawks by halftime. Soooo, I start firing back on these guys as if I give a donkeys ass about the Bears. The guy in the row in front of me stands up and starts getting really animated. I calmly lift my beer and pour it on his head. This leads to pandamonium! Tempers flair. I've got a pack of wild eyed Chargers fans ready to kill a guy they assume is a Bears fan. I'm promptly surrounded by security and asked to leave the game. Bingo!

I jump in a cab for the nearest sports bar and watch our beloved Hawks roll to their first win of many. Best part is, I'm a hero with the Chicago guys who pick me up after the game. I'm not proud of what I've done or the man I've become but a guys gotta do what s guys gotta do. That. and i love when a good plan comes together.

- Silverhawk5 -
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