- 26 october 2011 -

Osteen's Ten Eleven Commandments

In April, after we listened to Joel Osteen tell us to "stop and smell the roses" in a sermon review during an episode of Fighting for the Faith my daughter, 12, wrote up "Joel Osteen's Ten Commandments" and after reading them crossed out "Ten" and changed it to "Eleven" and added another.
Joel Osteen's Ten Eleven Commandments
  1. Stop and smell the roses
  2. Change your behavior
  3. Get up early with your kids, drink coffee and say "ah"
  4. Tell your spouse that you appreciate them
  5. Talk to your family about nothing
  6. Call your parents and tell them how much you love them
  7. Appreciate your little girl's footsteps while you can
  8. Tell a lot of stories
  9. Tickle people's ears
  10. Make less money to spend more time with your family


  1. Take verses in the Bible out of context

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