- 17 january 2011 -

Largent better than Rice

a post at www.seahawks.net discussing the most underrated players in seahawks history (emphasis added):
Most under rated by Seattle fans? Chris Warren. Look up his career stats..and consider the teams he was playing on.

If its under rated over all? This is going to sound weird, but its Steve Largent. He gets recognition..but not like he should. Considering his era, the teams he played on, the fact that in most seasons he was the only real threat..that he routinely broke double and triple coverage.. most seasons he averaged over 16 yards a catch. Im honestly not sure he wasnt better than Jerry Rice. Im not insane..I have reasons. Jerry Rice had legit, pro bowl WRs across from him. He had Montana and Young throwing to him. He played in the West Coast offense and with a different set of rules.. and one of the reasons he could play so long was because of the WCO..in the WCO if you lose a step it doesnt matter, because thats not what its about.

When you talk to non-Seattle fans.. they lump Largent into groups with Art Monk or Harold Carmichael... ridiculous.

i concur.

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- 9 january 2011 -

Beast Mode...

hawkstorian over at www.seahawks.net has posted:
i concur. here's the run...

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- 8 january 2011 -

Here We Go...

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- 4 january 2011 -

7-9 Division Winner

in response to all the hate coming down toward the hawks. posted at seahawks.net. (actual post here):
the Seahawks didn't ask to be int he NFC West. We were perfectly content in the AFC West, we had established rivalries with the Donkeys and Faiders.

The NFL shoved us to the NFC West because it was convenient for them. Now its convenient for us and we get some sort of advantage out of it, and all the whining starts.

I'm not apologizing for anything.

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- 2 january 2011 -

NFL Ashamed of Hawks

well, the nfl is apparently ashamed of the Seahawks...uhh...actually, that is nothing new. they have put up the playoff schedule release and listed each team (with their regular season record)...that is, each team except the seahawks, who of course finished 7-9. embarrassing? i suppose, but i'll be watchin' as far as they make it...

the release is here and quoted below with the hawks in bold:

American Football Conference: 1. New England (14-2, AFC East champion), 2. Pittsburgh (12-4, AFC North champion), 3. Indianapolis (10-6, AFC South champion),4. Kansas City (10-6, AFC West champion), 5. Baltimore (12-4), 6. New York Jets (11-5).

National Football Conference: 1. Atlanta (13-3, NFC South champion), 2. Chicago (11-5, NFC North champion), 3. Philadelphia (10-6, NFC East champion), 4. Seattle (NFC West champion), 5. New Orleans (11-5), 6. Green Bay (10-6).

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