- 23 april 2010 -

Good Theology

some good quotes from michael spencer in and article called on christless preaching, aka internet monk, who recently passed away:
The fact is that personal narratives and anecdotes–no matter how entertaining or moving–have no authority whatsoever.
A generous segment of today’s social and cultural preaching is increasingly Christless. Instead of Jesus, the message is either personal moral fortitude or collective political action. Because this sort of preaching appeals to the fears and emotions of evangelicals, it is commonplace. Thanks to people like James Dobson, Jesus has become the patron saint of any conservative’s social and political agenda. While many of these crusaders are doubtless correct on the Biblical worldview, they are also usually too busy getting us to the polls to get us to Christ.

The Bible is certainly not oblivious to moral issues. The prophetic voices in scripture testify to God’s holy concern with how we treat one another, and how justice is exhibited in society. But the key to scripture is always Jesus, not moral or social reform. In some of his most shocking words, Jesus says that there is a comparison that can be made between religion that helps the poor and the Gospel that commands all men everywhere to repent and believe.

I read with amazement Rick Warren’s enthusiasm for using the Gibson movie as a suddenly ripe opportunity to talk about Jesus. Does anyone else find that notion bizarre?

What else are we supposed to be talking about in the church?

The preachers who prompted my thoughts in this essay...have moved to a place where they are under no compulsion to preach the Gospel of Christ. This is not a good place to be.
If your pastor preaches a Christless sermon, or a sermon with only a guest appearance by Jesus, don’t get mad at him. Make an appointment. Take him a cup of coffee or a book. Sit down and tell him what you heard, and why it concerns you. Don’t villainize him, because he is probably as much of a victim than a villain. If he loves Jesus, he won’t resent your concern. If you are labeled the enemy, and Christless preaching is defended, then you learned something important.

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- 20 april 2010 -

Bad Theology

here's a bit of the strange things and bad theology in an article from the washington times called interfaith movement gains new strength:
"People who have a hunger for religious experience can have a taste of it here," said Samir Selmanovic, the Adventist co-leader. Born in Croatia to a Muslim father and a Catholic mother, he helped found FaithHouse 18 months ago. Then he wrote a book, "It's All About God: Reflections of a Muslim Atheist Jewish Christian," on the plethora of religions that Americans are increasingly sampling.
ummm...monkey lion chicken wolf?
A speech by Rabbi Serotta suggested that Islamic and Jewish conceptions of God were basically equal.

"We don't understand why God has chosen more than one path for humanity," he told the group. "God created different paths so you'd compete in goodness."

you probably don't understand it because God has done no such thing. let's see what Jesus...you know, God in the flesh...has to say about that:
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
- John 14:6 ESV
how many paths does Jesus talk about? oh yeah, one. as in singular.

back to the article:

"People make the mistake of thinking interfaith outreach is going to the lowest common denominator," said Kristopher Keating of Hillside Missions, "but it's every person freely worshipping God according to their own traditions."
no sir, we don't worship God how we decide but rather how He tells us... He says we must worship Him in spirit and in TRUTH:
Jesus said to her... "But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth."
- John 4:23-24 ESV
the thing is everyone worshipping according to his own traditions (i.e. muslim, buddhist, mormon, etc.) is not worshipping in truth.

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- 2 april 2010 -

Used Kitty Litter?

local garbage collectors here in washington state are close to going on strike. the city of sammamish has put out a tip sheet on preparing for a possible strike. you can read it here and here.

first they tell everyone to become a vegan:

During the strike make modifications to your diet that reduces the amount of meats or dairy products that may be left over after the meal. A vegan diet may help to reduce the waste you need to store.

but this next one is what really got me. after hearing of this on a 2 day old podcast i searched on the sammmamish website for another particular text in the document and found a link to a word document but the link was...dead?

here is a screenshot of the result i got when searching for the text in question. note the text which is in the blurb from the document below the link to the document:

if the image isn't working out for you, here is the text as written. the portion in parentheses is of particular interest.

You can get flushable kitty litter from some of the pet supply stores. (This is better than storing the used litter in your freezer!) Flushable kitty litter may be more expensive – hopefully the strike won’t happen or last too long.
WHAT?! do people really need to be told this? who does that?

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