- 23 december 2008 -

"My God Would Never..."

i've heard preachers speak of people saying "my god would never..." with the emphasis on "my". i was thinking of this phrase the other day. i'm not sure if i have ever used it or not but i decided that in the future i will not be using it because it is so easy to make Him into just that..."my god"... as in the god that i want Him to be instead of the God of the bible, the God He says He is, the God He in fact is...

when referring to Him i will just say "God". He is God and the one and only true God.

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- 16 december 2008 -

Self Esteem?

here are some quotes from a sermon by jeff noblit from grace life church of the shoals in muscle shoals, alabama. this is good stuff. this is something that is lost on the american church today. the quotes start at about 13:40:
"...now i'm not trying to hurt your self esteem...my goal is to obliterate it, dismantle, decimate and destroy your self esteem completely. matter of fact, nothing would thrill me more than to once and for all rid you of this cursed and damning disease of looking to self for esteem..."

"...God's desire is for us to totally forget self, to look not at self at all, to turn from any hope, any confidence or any value in yourself..."

"...you see, we need self esteem like we need cancer. what we need, and all we need, is Christ esteem..."

"...Jesus did not die for you because you're beautiful and attractive and desireable. Jesus died for you because He has the capacity to love the most unlovely and the most deplorably wicked...His grace that He extended to you without any merit on your part is what makes you beautiful and desireable and wonderful..."

watch the sermon here

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- 14 december 2008 -


today is paka's (my grandpa, as known by the close family) birthday. he would have been 87 today...

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