- 29 september 2006 -

How Dare You Call Me What I Am?!?!?

i have to say that i am really sick and tired of all the politically correct garbage in our society. this week it seems that some students are offended that a teacher has labeled them by...what they are! (link to article no longer available)
(CBS4) HOLBROOK Some students at Holbrook senior and junior high school are accusing a gym teacher of labeling them by race. The teacher allegedly wrote the remarks to help her learn the names of the students.

"You'd see our last name, comma and then you'd see our first name and on the side....it said black girl."

Fourteen-year-old Darlene Fontes says she glanced at her gym teacher's attendance sheet and couldn't believe what she saw next to her name.

this quote from the student is the one that really got me:
"It shouldn't matter at all. We're all equal. You shouldn't pinpoint people because of what they are," said Fontes.
think about that...you shouldn't call me what i am??? people...stop looking for something to be offended about...

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- 22 september 2006 -

Good Vs. Evil

in my last entry i spoke of reading a book with my wife.

the night we finished it (before reading) she said "do you want to read a chapter tonight?". i had my typical reaction, you know, slumping shoulders..."okaayyyy" (in my mind) like i didn't really want to but i will. then we read the book and i really enjoyed it and it was awesome.

the next day, i think, i was thinking about how the previous night had played out. i then thought of a contrast, for example, looking at porn. as it turns out it is exactly the opposite. when i first get the thought and throughout the act it's intriguing, intersting, even fun. then after i come to my senses and stopped i become miserable, punishing myself, feeling like a loser, etc...

so it goes like this:

GOOD DEED: initial reaction is blah...result is spiritual woohoo

EVIL DEED: initial reaction is woohoo...result is spiritual blah

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