- 1 june 2006 -

United Sheep Of America

a tshirt, reprinted by permission from www.onetruth.com:
we, the united sheep of america.

we will do anything to feel accepted. we follow the crowd, even when the crowd is going nowhere. we embrace it's values as our own, even when it has none.

we intoxicate ourselves to the point of mindlessness, and give our bodies over to someone else's pleasure.

we spend our lives trying to pursue that which some call success. or we try to follow endless religious traditions that lead us nowhere.

we are continually filling ourselves yet we still feel empty because we forget: long ago a man died on a wooden cross, nails through his hands and feet, blood dripping on to the ground, in order to release us from the sheep mentality. love held Him on that cross and cries out to us now. the choice is ours: we accept Truth or deny Christ.

His truth changes conformity to courage - fear to hope - apathy to love - death to life.

now is the time. surrender your life to the one Truth.

"I have come to give life, and give it more abundantly" (john 10:10)

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