- 18 february 2006 -

Seahawks Message Board Posts

posted in the week following the super bowl #1
by astack75 on 7 february at the seahawksal forum:
seahawked (v) - to get ripped off, hosed, screwed by someone due to their incompetence, stupidity and/or ignorance to the situation.

in a sentence:
i was running to second base and got there ahead of the ball but the ump seahawked me and called me out anyways.

english - this term was minted after super bowl xl in detroit when a team from seattle named the seahawks were the victims of bad interpretations of rules and even worse calls made by officials who were incompetent and unable to make the correct call. this resulted in the superior seahawk team to suffer a defeat as a result of the poor officiating.

posted in the week following the super bowl #2
by btp2k2 on 7 february at the seahawksal forum:
I had a bet at work where the loser had to wear the winners jersey....

30 Steeler fans were not impressed when I walked in this morning wearing white and black stripes.....I told them to prove me wrong....they couldn't.

posted in the week following the super bowl #3
by newyawkseahawk on 8 february at the seahawksal forum:
1963: jfk assasination
1969: us space mission lands on the moon
1972: watergate
2000: presidential election of the usa
2006: super bowl xl

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- 7 february 2006 -

Super Bought XL?

wow...the hawks made it to the big show after 30 years...only to have it become a farce. i honestly thought this was pretty evenly matched and had the potential to be an all-time super bowl...

bad calls happen but to have that many blatant bad calls (and non-calls) go against one team? in one game? this was just crazy...not to mention the incredible bias in the broadcast itself. i'm not prepared to say "fix" although the term has crossed my mind a million times in the last 53 hours.

today the nfl said the game was properly officiated, including, as in most nfl games, some tight plays that produced disagreement about the calls made by the officials.

nfl...what game are you referring to???


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- 6 february 2006 -


we knew it was going to be tough going against the pittsburgh steelers,...i didn't know we were going to have to play the guys in the striped shirts as well. - mike holmgren referring to super bowl xl

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