- 21 december 2005 -


so now everybody is in a tizzy about not having a church service on christmas...i personally think "so what..." here's a good summary that i saw on www.firestream.net:
if a church wants to promote a more family oriented "holiday" from sunday services, fine. what's the big deal. christmas is a man made tradition that we could all live without. Jesus is not. whether we are in a man-made house of worship, or with our families, Jesus is the reason for our celebration, not a church "service." i think God, would be pleased with a people who truly seek Him 364 days a year, than with a people who get all dressed up and come to "His house" once a year. i know that's not the point that people are making, but i'd rather spend time with family i haven't seen, enjoying true fellowship in Christ, then to be at church with people that are there just because it's the "right thing to do"...

whichever you choose, be encouraged that God sees our hearts. if your heart is truly turned towards Him, it doesn't matter whether you're in a church or at home with your family. unless, He tells you something specifically to do.

i concur...

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