- 25 november 2005 -

Q And A

a question and answer i saw recently.
Q: (God)...allegedly gives us purpose, so what gives Him any purpose / meaning / value? What's the point of His existence?

A: only the created need purpose.

i'm not sure the answer is necessarily valid in a theological sense but it is very concise and jumped off the screen at me.

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- 24 november 2005 -

Just Shut Your Mouth

so, this "older" guy at church is behind the pulpit talking about "what have you done this year for God's kingdom?" and i think "you can't do anything" and i imagine someone telling me (via pulpit) all the things i should do and should be doing.

then i realize i'm doing to "them" just what "they" are doing to me...i'm telling them how to live for God just as much as they are telling me.

at this point God speaks to me...He says "maybe what [fill-in-the-blank's-name] is saying is what I'm telling [fill-in-the-blank's-name] to do, so you should just shut your mouth and be glad for them. My relationship to others is not yours and yours is not theirs."

i think that i have always had this idea that if it comes from the pulpit or church folk that it must be applicable to me. i'm learning that it doesn't necessarily. my walk with God is mine alone and someone else's walk with God is theirs alone...as the Master stated above...

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- 16 november 2005 -

The Formula

love this that i found on www.firestream.net:
again, my formula...

faith --> salvation --> works


faith --> salvation + works

and certainly not

faith + works --> salvation

another from the same poster:

we are not saved by our works. neither are we damned by them. we are damned by our sin, and saved by the grace of God through Christ.


i believe that "sin" is "sin" - the condition. but i also believe that there are various aspects to "bad behavior" that are different. bad behavior that results in a lie is still rooted in sin, but the bad behavior isn't as bad as bad behavior that results in murder.

still - think about this: haven't you murdered someone? i know that i, through my sin, murdered Jesus Christ, and continue to mock His death by every breath i take. i also know that i am the recipient of His grace - undeserved and unsought... He sought me, not the other way around - and it's only by His grace and mercy that i breathe and that i will be with Him for eternity.

and yet another:

they've been taught that salvation is an "event" that occurs in your life, instead of a state that Christ graciously chooses you for.

going down front doesn't make you a christian. being a good christian... doesn't make you a christian. only the saving grace of Jesus Christ makes you a christian.

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