- 16 june 2005 -

Mullet = Stupid

saw this on a message board today:
Mullets make you look stupid. If you have a mullet, I assume you are stupid, because you would have to be in order to make yourself look like an idiot on purpose.

made me laugh outloud... [btw, i had one for several years...]

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- 12 june 2005 -


as stated on the intro page to these writings, i am a ridiculously deep thinker, thus i struggle with wanting the answer to questions. unanswerable questions. or at least questions that, if i was given the answer to, i would not understand.

i understand life in the context of itself. if i look at it from a bigger picture it makes no sense to me. what i mean is that in the context of the world we live in i understand things and that God would have us live a certain way and He has direction for us. but outside of the context of what i know in this life...it doesn't make any sense.

for example: if i think about God, He is amazing and incredible and fascinating. but then i start to think about the existence of God and i just can't get ahold of that one. why does God exist? what did God do for eternity past before He created? and what are true believers going to do forever?

and then you come back to what we know itself. it's all so strange to me. we go places, we do stuff, we eat, we...well you get the idea. and for what? it's all vanity...sounding much like solomon i know but i often come to the same kind of conclusion when i watch the world around me.

i often find myself not wanting to go on (not in the suicide type of way but just like...i'm tired of life...) but i think that so many people enjoy life and what right do i have to ruin it for them because i think so much...

all i can do is trust the One who made it all.

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