- 24 april 2005 -

You're Not A Hero...But You Are

pat tillman was a former arizona cardinal. he left the nfl and a large contract offer to join the army rangers. he was killed in 2004 in iraq. he always stated that he didn't want to be called a "hero". speaking of himself and what he had done in his life he said:
basically, i haven't done a damn thing...

i found the following in an article speaking of things that people have sent to a friend of tillman's since his death. writing to tillman, one kid wrote:

you said you didn't want to be a hero. too bad. you're mine.

it made me think of when the Bible speaks of the "first shall be last and the last shall be first" and so forth. Biblical principles right in our face for all to see, but yet we are so oblivious...

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- 5 april 2005 -


i heard several interesting quotes recently:
if we drank like we eat, we'd all be alcoholics.
if God 'shoulda' then he'd be no God at all. (paraphrase)
God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.
and just as i was typing the last one i thought of this:
God doesn't call the fixed, He fixes the called...

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