- 6 march 2005 -

Goodbye Trent

just reading back on some posts on the seahawks.net board about trent dilfer being traded to the browns. i'm sad to see trent leave as he was undoubtedly the classiest player to don a seahawks uniform since steve largent. those two are certainly at the top of that list and, much like largent, dilfer didn't have superstar talent or the like. what they both had is an abundance of character.

trent dilfer was pure class. he displayed grace in all situations. he wasn't all about trent. he was a total team player. most of all, he was about God. he was a pure role model for kids to look up to.

dilfer made sure his contract was laced with incentive clauses so that he would have to earn the big payday and later, while still desiring a starting position, he took on the backup role with class.

dilfer lost his 5 year old son in 2003 to a heart condition. while certainly heartbroken, he wasn't bitter and still trusted God.

trent dilfer was not perfect. i'm sure he would be the first to tell you that. however, he lives his life in such a way that when i think of the question "what kind of life pleases God?" he is one of the people i think of...

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- 4 march 2005 -

Breaking News???

i was watching the local new last night and the first thing they started off with was the martha stewart release. well, whatever. but what got me was that they called it "breaking news". gimme a break. it just tweaks me what they call breaking news anymore. it used to be you know, things like the president getting shot or oh, i don't know, airplanes flying into huge towers...things that affect many many people. not this.

come on news media, call stories for what they are.

as for you martha, sorry, nothing personal but whether you are in prison has no affect on most of this country...

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