- 26 february 2005 -

What Is A Christian?

this was posted sometime ago on firestream.net:
much of the problem, imho, stems from the twisting by many of what it means to be a christian. does it means we live as better people? no. does it mean we are happier than the world? no. often, we are just as miserable and struggle with the same problems the world faces. rain falls on the just and unjust alike. what then drives the christian? the cross. the christian whose life is centered around the cross is the christian who gets it. the cross where forgiveness of sins take place, so there must be repentance. christianity, being centered around the cross, is best and most powerfully expressed through the repentant life, not the "victorious" life.
i concur...

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- 25 february 2005 -

God Wants Good People...Right?

another awesome quote i found here:
throughout the bible, in fact, God shows a marked preference for "real" people over "good" people.
seems to be a theme going along with the post from 12 february 2005 as it in fact is basically another way of saying the same thing...

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- 18 february 2005 -

Free Will

predistination, free will, etc...all hot buttons in the Christian world...God is still bringing me along on these issues as i haven't come to conclusions. however this is an interesting quote i came across on a message board. i'm not sure if it is quoted exactly but, as it is written here, casued me to pause and think about it more...
God, from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy councel of His own will, freely, and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass.

so it is with sovereignty and autonomy. If God is sovereign, man cannot possibly be autonomous. If man is autonomous, God cannot possibly be sovereign. these would be contradictions. One does not have to be autonomous to be free. autonomy implies absolute freedom. we are free, but there are limits to our freedom. the ultimate limit is the sovereigny of God.

- r.c. sproul, chosen by god

autonomous: self-governing; existing independently

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- 12 february 2005 -

God Wants Fruit, Right?

really liked this quote that my pastor read a couple weeks ago:
God is less interested in fruitfulness than faithfulness

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