- 26 august 2004 -

Whatever That Means To You

during a time when the membership had gotten into a quite lengthy discussion on all kinds of spiritual issues, here's a line from a post that was put up on a football message board...
the lack of walking closely to our spiritual truths (whatever that means to you)

here's the response I made to said line:

posted: 14 oct 2003 22:27 pm

how can there be more than one true spirituality when they all differ so much?...it seems to me that only one can be right and the rest a false imitation of the True one.

the Jesus of the Bible said He was "the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me"...again how can there be many ways to God if they differ so much (and in fact conflict in many cases). in fact Christianity is the only "religion" that claims it's leader is risen from the dead. another very significant difference is that Christianity gives no room for man to earn his way to God but rather God pursues us and in fact made the Way for us to get to Him. all others require some works, ritual, etc. and it is man who is working toward God rather than God pursuing man.

the problem with "whatever that means to you" is that there are no absolutes and we just do whatever we think is OK for us (which is different for the other guy and different from both for the next guy, etc. etc.)

if there is a God (and there is) then we must follow what He says even if we don't understand it as He is perfectly Holy and in fact made us...it seems to me He would surely know what is best for us...God is no cosmic killjoy as many perceive Him but his "rules" are purely motivated by Love (as He IS Love) and are for our best...

interstingly there was only one response, from another believer, and he simply said "won't get any arguments from me"...

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