- 27 jul 2004 -

All About Christ

today i went to a funeral for this really cool old guy at our church and heard about how he lived for Jesus and that was his passion, something i already knew about him from the small amount of contact i had with him. you could just tell he was all about Christ...it made me think about things and how trivial most of what i get caught up in is...

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- 24 jul 2004 -

Just One Drop

i went to the drag races and it was HOT (about 100 F, which is real hot for washingtonians) and when the wind wasn't blowing i was absolutely burning alive sitting there in the grandstands.

there was someone two seats down that had a spray bottle with water in it. every once in a while they would spray it and a few of the drops would find their way to my arm. we are talking about miniscule drops of mist. anyway, those drops of mist felt so good in the scorching heat of the sun.

it made me think of the scripture speaking of the person in hell that is pleading for just ONE SINGLE DROP OF WATER...now i have a picture that gives me the most minute, albeit tangible, understanding of that passage...

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- 4 jul 2004 -

Ultimate Freedom

i thought of this today and used it in the prayer before dinner:
the ultimate freedom is slavery to God

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